ISIS Salt-System Hot Tubs

If you are seeking the finest in water quality, a salt-system is your only option!  If you have ever owned or swam in a salt-system pool you know why.  For several reasons a salt system based on Bromine is preferable over Chlorine1 in a hot tub.  Two manufacturers make Bromine Salt Systems.  We've studied them both and have chosen to install Pioneer H2O's ISIS Salt System for many years.

Benefits of Salt Systems

The Purest Of Water!

  • The only thing in your water is salt!
  • Yet the concentration is so low you can't even taste it

Change Your Water Annually (not every 3 months)

  • Because you use No chemicals, these do not build up in your hot tub
  • With little build-up of chemicals (also called Total Dissolved Solids) you will change your spa water annually

Lower Operating Costs

  • Your total operating cost is less than a $1 a day.  This includes electrical & sanitizing costs.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Since you change your water only 25% as often as other hot tubs, you use 1/4th the water every year
  • In a typical hot tub you will save more than 1,000 gallons of water every year

Click here for a brochure on the ISIS Salt System

1 Bromine is a superior sanitizer but the major reason to chose Bromine over Chlorine in a hot tub is water temperature.  Chlorine will dissipate out of water above 97