Why Bullfrog Spas?

Unique Design

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JetPaks provide:

  • The greatest variety of massage options of all hot tub companies!
  • All jets in a seats can be adjusted from a single valve.

Leak Proof

  • Hot Tubs leak through penetrations in the spa shell & plumbing connections.
  • Bullfrog spas have very few holes in the spa shell as most jets are in JetPaks and 90% fewer plumbing connections.

All Equipment Located On One Site

  • Unlike most other spa manufacturers, all Bullfrog equipment is on one side.
  • Hence access & repairs are easy even when the hot tub is in the ground or in a deck.


  • Bullfrog now offers 16 different JetPaks to provide a custom massage for every part of your body.
  • Bullfrog keeps developing more so you can upgrade your spa for minimal cost when these new JetPaks become available.

Most Powerful Plumbing Design - Only Spa To Allow All Jets To Operate All The Time

  • Everyone gets a massage!
  • JetPak technology means Bullfrog spas have 90% less plumbing & connections than all other hot tubs.  All of this extra plumbing & connections in other spas rob them of power.  Other manufacturers use "diverter valves" to hide this issue.  Bullfrog spas have no diverter valves because they don't need them.  All Jets can operate all the time.

Superior Construction

No Wood

  • No concerns with insects or rot.
  • No expansion & contraction of spa frame from heat & humidity.
  • All the major spa manufacturers still use a wood frame & NONE offers any spa frame warranty.  Bullfrog's warranty is Lifetime!

Most Advance Shell Construction

  • 3 Layers (Acrylic / ABS Plastic / Isotec® Rigider)
  • No Fiberglass!
    • The largest hot tub manufacturers now produce their spas in Mexico.  A major reason is to avoid US EPA regulations as fiberglass emits stryene in production.  (read more)

Automated Manufacturing

  • Most hot tub manufacturers use low-paid, unskilled workers to make their spas.
    • Another reason the largest manufacturers have moved their manufacturing operations to Mexico.
    • Bullfrog does the exact opposite.  They have a highly automated plant in Bluffdale, UT (a suburb of Salt Lake City).
  • Bullfrog spas are meticulously crafted of the most precise parts because they mold the parts in their factory.

Energy Efficiency

  • Full-Foam insulation (with little plumbing in this foam) means Bullfrog achieves both superior heat & noise insulation.
  • There is friction & a loss of efficiency as you push water through plumbing and past connections.
    • Bullfrog spas have 90% less plumbing than all other brands hence they also have 90% less friction.
    • Bullfrog spas produce more power at their jets with a lower electrical demand than all other hot tubs.
  • JetPak plumbing is in the spa's hot water, hence conserving heat as any heat lost goes right back into the spa water.
  • Your Bullfrog spa will cost no more than $12 - 20 / month to operate (even less in the Summer when you are not heating it).
  • Compare Bullfrog to other brands.


  • Bullfrog spas are tested using the most stringent UL (Underwriters Laboratories), IEC (International Electrical Commission), OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories), and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements.  You can rest assured that your Bullfrog spas is tested & safe!
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Superior Warranty (A Series)

Because It's Bullfrog Spas!